Making Wise Choices

How to Spot the Perfect Commercial Electrician

Have you noticed the alarming frequency of the circuit breaker trips in your office in Salem, OR? Your anxieties are not unfounded because this is one of the signs that something more sinister is afoot. Understanding what is at risk, you only want a competent commercial electrician to help you with your dilemma. Are you wondering how to find one? If you are, you should pay close attention to what we say.


A page-by-page check of the yellow pages will not guarantee that the commercial electrician that you will find is reliable. There is hope in the web because you can see the feedback of their former customers, but expanding your search to include electrical contractors who pose their ads online is not enough. So what are surefire ways to find a five-star electrician? Here is a list of things that you need to ask to find the perfect electrical specialist:



  • Safety

As what has been mentioned earlier, you are conscious of your staff’s security as well as your own. This is why you do not want to settle for a so-so commercial electrician. Knowing how these electrical contractors hire their crew is a must. Being aware of their hiring process means that you also know if they have conducted a thorough criminal background check on their manpower.

  • Insurance

 It is also necessary to know whether these electricians have workers’ compensation and comprehensive business liability. The former will protect you from any liability should anything happen to their crew while working on your office. On the other hand, the latter will protect you from any property damage while they are working for you. But you should not stop here. It is also essential to verify if these policies are still active.



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