Fed up with Looking at Exposed Wires?

Guidelines from a Local Commercial Electrician on How to Install Conduits


Electrical conduits are in place to cover electrical wiring which runs from one point to another. They are there to protect wires from any external damage so they last longer, and keep the building’s occupants safe from electric shocks or other such hazards. Electrical conduits are generally made from an insulating material which is extremely durable to ensure optimum functionality. Although it is recommended you leave it to your local commercial electrician to install most electrical conduit fittings, there are a few minor ones which you can install by yourself.


First, measure the amount of conduit you need, then make the appropriate marks using a pencil where you think the bends ought to be and measure the total length that is needed to finish the electrical conduit fitting. After which, you will need to cut the length you measured with a hacksaw. The cut ends will likely be slightly rough, so be careful.


Make the required bend on the pipe you marked before. Because EMT is extremely flexible this should not be too hard. However, you can buy conduit benders for this very job. After which, you will need to attach the fitting to the wall.


This can be done using screws or straps with single or double holes, these are available at most electrical supply shops, and will attach electrical conduit fitting onto the wall. Tape each end and place the wires. Try using a fish tape and run it through the conduit fitting you have just installed. Fix the ends together along with the electrical wires using this tape too. And finally, pull all of the wire into the pipe so they are in their proper place.


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