A Reliable Electrical Repair Service in Salem, OR

When other electrical contractors would tell you that your electrical devices are beyond repair, Assured Electric LLC is here to step up to the plate and prove them wrong. We have been providing quality electrical repair services in Salem, OR since 2005, and there is nothing that we can’t fix. When home and business owners experience problems with their electrical devices and systems, we are the first electrician that they call.

Electrical repair in Salem, OR.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

There are only a few electrical repair service providers out there who are licensed, bonded, and insured and we are one of those companies! When we work on your electrical units, you can be more confident knowing that the professionals who are repairing your system are insured. You can take away the worries of covering for work related injuries because we will be the ones responsible for that. We also possess the necessary licenses so you will know that you are working with a legit electrician.

Quality Repairs

Like we said before, there is nothing that we can’t fix. When you call us and ask for electrical repair services, we ensure that we get the results that you want and we meet or even exceed your expectations. We are one of the trusted electricians in the area and the last thing that we want is to tarnish our good reputation. Once we are done with the repairs, our job does not end there. We will also check other parts of your electrical system to ensure that everything is working efficiently. After we are done with the final checks and there’s nothing wrong, that’s the time when we will say that the job is done.

Call (503) 871-4637 and Reach the Affordable Electrical Repair Provider in Salem, OR!

Assured Electric LLC is the company that you can trust for expert repairs and maintenance services in Salem, OR. Call us now at (503) 871-4637 and let one of our professional electricians take a look at your electrical devices.

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